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Thread: A few questions for an international project

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    Default A few questions for an international project


    I have two questions:

    1. Can PAL be converted to NTSC without quality loss? If not, can NTSC to PAL?
    2. Would someone be so kind to send me or put online a short shot of a moving object filmed in HD, 50fps-interlaced? I need to see wether such a format/framerate (correct term?) does well when I play it back in slo-mo, or that I should look for a camcorder that can record in 50fps-progressive.

    Some background information:

    I am a movement scientist and single-digit handicap golfer, and have developed a new, much more structured and much more logical golf swing instruction program. I am planning to (eventually) have it released internationally. Even though I will do that through a regular publisher, I want to do the recording of the raw footage myself, because often the devil is in the details and I anticipate that during the editing it will appear that several shots will have to be done over.

    I live in The Netherlands, but spend time in the US regularly. I am planning to buy the Canon HF10(0). But here or in the US, and will the 50i do well in my sports video analysis program, slo-mo playback? The Canon does not record in 50p. It does in 25p, but 25fps is not enough for good slo-mo playback. 50fps is (more is not necessary).

    The camera also must have good recording capabilities in poor light without lamp, so from what I've seen, the Sony camcorders are not suited. Actually, the Canon is the only one left over from a long list of camcorders. I only hope that 50i will do.

    My e-mail: Thanks a million in advance!
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    It can always be converted, Standard Pal is of a higher quality then Standard NTSC. So converting from Pal to NTSC will be seen as just fine, the reason behind this is America adopted Colour TV before the UK (where I live) which uses PAL with most of Europe (Some Sound differances; as in channels used), other European countries use Seacam. Just that technology had moved on when the UK switched to colour, and decided to use the better PAL system.

    Am Unsure about the HD side, I have not researched that area (yet) and cannot help you there. Someone else will be able to help you with the rest, and I will look back too.

    Hope that help a little........

    Just out of interest; whats your location is it the UK, as My father is a past president of one of the county golfing unions (UK), might be of interst to the juniors. If that is of interest ?
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    Hey Zandebar,

    Thanks for the info. I assume that HD PAL is also better than HD NTSC, and that we are thus always on the good side regarding conversion?

    I hope someone else will have or make a shot as described; a shot of some three seconds will do.

    I live in The Netherlands, so your family connections are of interest, but in the form that I hope that they will be interested in my program, when the time of release comes.


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    I wouldn't assume that HD PAL is better then HD NTSC, that maybe a wrong assuption.

    I mentioned that PAL and NTSC were developed at different time. With HD been a newer technologys. Plus TV standards ingrained around the world, it's an area that I have not researched. I lack the HD knowledge you need, as I don't know the newer differances. But an online search should help you out.

    Well your at the PORTAL to the world, lol

    Sorry I can't help much futher,
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