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Thread: Silvia: Canon 5D2 video

  1. Default Silvia: Canon 5D2 video

    tried something a little different...
    3min long

    let me know what you think - look forward hearing from you.
    thanks for looking.

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    Whoosh. Way over my head, Mike!

    Looked great (as usual) but it totally lost me.

    I'm assuming the colour shots are the present and the B&W are memory, but then the colour shots of Sylvia without the mac and cigarette (you do like your models to use a smoke as a prop, don't you?) threw me.

    She was sultry and sexy throughout - until the end where the very "girlie" run (presumably the only way you can run in 4in heels) destroyed all that magic.

    Maybe if I'd grasped it better the shot around 2.37 which had very strange composition would have made sense.

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