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Thread: system for capturing sony hi8 and mainting quality

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    Default system for capturing sony hi8 and mainting quality

    I have a sony video camera ( dcr-trv110 digital8 )

    In the past I had a pc that could not cope with maintaining the hi8 quality during capture.

    I am looking at the following setup to do this. I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Core 2 Duo E7400 Conroe 2.8 GHz 3Mb OD Cache, 1066Mhz FSB .065um, VPro, VT, EIST, EM64T, XD
    ECS Intel P45T-AD3,Black series, LGA775, FSB1333, DDR3(1600 OC) x 4, SATA2 x 6,1 x PCI Express x16 slot,3 x PCI Express x1 slots,2 x PCI slots,4 x USB ports, Realtek ALC660 6-channel HD audio CODEC ,Gigabit LAN, Atheros L1 PCIe GigaLAN controller, 1 x Serial port (COM1), 1 x Serial port (COM1) ,ATX
    2Gb DDR3 PC-1333 (CL9), PC3-10600, Desktop
    2Gb DDR3 PC-1333 (CL9), PC3-10600, Desktop
    SEAGATE 500GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (SATA 3Gb/s, 7200rpm, 16MB Cache)
    SEAGATE 750GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (SATA 3Gb/s, 7200rpm, 32MB Cache)
    LG GH22LS3 22X SuperMulti LightScribe Drive Black/White SATA
    Mid Tower 3166Y2222 Black Case with 450W Power Supply [ATX]
    SAMSUNGģ P2250 LCD - 21.5" Wide, 16:9 HD Format, 1920x1080, 2ms Response Time, 50000:1 Contrast Ratio, 300cd/m≤ Brightness - D-SUB, DVI
    ATI Radeon HD4850 - GDDR3 1GB/256Bit PCI-E
    ACT Standard Keyboard USB Black
    ACT M233 Optical 3D Big Wheel Scroll Mouse - Black - USB
    ACT SP-2050 2.0CH 380W Black/Silver Speakers

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    Whats your budget on the system; its very well putting up the spec, but if thats all you can afford then it looks like thats it.

    Check out my thread on Xeon Vs i7

    I am building a system at the moment so and whilst am at it I can put together a spec for you. Whats your location so I can convert currency if needed. If your in the UK I can recommend a few place to save soem bucks. But if you can't bulild a system then get a local computer store to build it.

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    At this point I am not to worried about budget, read "I have no idea what this is going to cost me"

    I have no real skills in setting up systems, hence the post.

    I basically looked at the options available, slapped them together, and presto so any recommendations will be appreciated as the difference in cost may be minimal as I have a friend who sources direct from the supplier, so no markup.

    Thank you!

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    OK; help me know your application of the equipment, is this home based setup or a semi pro. Is it a hobby or are you a film student, also do you want to spend $2000 or a $1000 dollors, I take it your in the US. Money no object wow; I would build a $8,360.50 USD system just like that. I think money does have an impact on your final choice; so be honest how much are you wanting to spend.

    The system can be cheap or as expensive as you like, this idea will save me time.

    The system you have there; is around £800 GBP $1,336.72 USD, you can have the i7 extreme for the same amount of money, just the CPU. Would you wanna build from there, theres a really nice mainboard for £500 GBP $835.65 USD. Theres also a fantastic graphics card for £2600 GBP $4,345.38 USD, Your really not helping, not pointing me in a direction which is best for you.

    As I don't want to design somerthing then you say Oh can't afford that.

    Money no object go for a Avid system.......
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    to true, budget is always a factor.

    I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa so I am using the rand which is not always a good thing.

    This is for a home based setup. In essence, I want to be able to copy, edit and cut my video from the cam to dvd/cd/tape and have the quality look as it does if I play the hi8 tape through the cam to the tv.....i.e. stunning to my untrained eye.

    As for the system, I would like to keep my costs down but I HAVE finally learnt the lesson of spec'ing a system to the bare minimum for what you require.
    I would like to keep in mind that I may 'upgrade' my camera at a later date
    and would not want to have to replace the system.

    I would rather go, wow that is a little pricey and decide to save....

    The system I spec'ed comes in at about R8500. I would be happy to go to about R10,000. I may even consider a bit more if it is going to make the difference in the wow factor.....

    So in short, probably looking closer to the $1000 range than the $5000 range as much as I would love to go there. However, if you tell me that the $1000 range is just going to frustrate me then I would rather hang in there and save for a system you may recomend.

    Thank you.

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    Well, at the moment I am building my PC, I will give you the spec when I have finally bought the bits.

    I would at least double your budget; I would say would get a much better system.

    Do you plan to use 1 or 2 monitors? I would recommend 2 monitors myself...

    And its a full system you need, not just the PC box?

    If your willing to invest a little then you could have a system that will kick and get the job done neatly.

    It all comes down to money in the end, your PC isn't Pro Editing, so you can stick with high end consumer kit. I have chosen the Intel i7 processor and a nice motherboard, its that area you need to be in, using newer technology . I was debating the Xeon processor; I was almost there with that just mem speed let me down.

    The processor and motherboard in my system come to almost 6000 rand, but you will reap the benefits if you put quality kit inside.

    I have found this company in Cape Town, Dc3 Distribution

    Whoís prices don't seem too bad, download there pricelist off thier website. I don't know where there are in relation to you, I just hope there near.

    I will put a system together for you, you could even use my spec if you wish, that supplier even sells the same motherboard, I am wanting. Itís best to spec when you have the money as things change all the time. I will put my spec up anyway on here, and match up to rand for you. As I say if you think about doubling your budget, how long do you think it will take you to save to that amount?

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    Thank you for the help with this!

    It may take some time to double the budget, a few months, but if that means I am going to end up with a pro system vs a should do the job system

    Please do post your spec, I will source here and do the sums!

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    oogly, its not a matter of it been a pro system, a pro system will use a different hardware config.

    Its just a system that will do the job for its intended use, for a few years and not let you down.

    Problem with computers; there always changing, so give your brand spanking new PC a few weeks. It will be cheaper and not as good when you had first spec'ed it. Thatís just computers there are always going to be something better than yours. The golden rule is buy the best you can afford, if its going to do a specific job, then spec it well for that job. You want it to last a while, and you always want to keep up to date with the best technology.

    One tip; software writers like Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Sony (Vegas) etc, are govern by what hardware is around at the time of software development. So when hardware manufactures develop new features, then software has to be written to use these new features. That take time and sometimes developers can be slow in writing software for them. It generally takes a couple of years for software developers to catch up. Funny that isn't it, software people are always playing catch up, well I think so anyway.
    Also stuff that has been out awhile can take its time to reach the consumer market, its swings and round a boutís.

    So what I am saying here is buy the latest developed hardware now, use the latest software and everything will work fine and fast for you. Well at least for a few years, then they will find new ways of slowing your system down. lol

    So invest wisely, have fun.....

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    oh so very true, latest and greatest today, slow and pokey tomorrow.

    Thank you for the advice, will spec as well as possible! WHEN I eventually courage up and get the system I will let you know. I am slower than software developers that way.

    Please do post your spec so that I can do a comparison and see if I can reach a compromise.

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    Also do check out that computer supplier see if there cheaper then your sources, when I looked they seemed pretty good.

    Click link: That url:w w w.

    Dc3 Distribution

    Have fun

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