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Thread: 3 videos i need to get views on

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    Default 3 videos i need to get views on

    I have 3 videos to pimp up. Thanks for viewing them.

    Knock Knock, Spam is Here!

    Knock Knock, Trojan is Here!

    Knock Knock, Phishing is Here!

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    Great videos, 1 and three worked for me there great, I like the conceptual idea's floating around in them. Wow whhoo GREAT!!!!

    But 2, was i bit fuzzy in content, need to make the information contained stronger.
    IE. the information provided is factually correct, even though you were heading there didn't quite pip the post.

    Otherwise Great bit of work....

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    Thank you! What do you think about this one :

    I recorded it with a mini hd camcorder and edited it with PowerDirector.

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    Do you work for Bitdefender ?

    For me; I found it boring on the entertainment level, the titles needed work.
    The whole concept needs rethinking, so sadly it didn't work for me.

    Sorry for been brutal.... Thats my opinion.

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