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Thread: Help..Sony Vegas 7.0e versus Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 ??

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    Default Help..Sony Vegas 7.0e versus Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 ??

    I have been using Adobe Premier Elements 7 on an old 32 bit XP system with 1GB RAM. Didn't work well, not enough memory, etc.

    I bought a new 64 bit Dell, quad core, just under 3mhz, 8GB ram, 512 video card, and Premier Elements 7 edits ok, but in burning to my pc it takes a very long time. I'm thinking I need to get a 64 bit editor, perhaps Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 or Sony Vegas 7.0e which I know nothing about. Could you please give me your opinion as to how I should proceed--buy one of those or another? I will be editing High Def video also.
    Thank you.

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    Download the trails and see what works for you.

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