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Thread: Canon Legria HF S10 OR Nikon D300s

  1. Default Canon Legria HF S10 OR Nikon D300s

    Hey guys,

    Im heading off to do a season in Chamonix this season and Im going to be working as a photographer/videographer. I've just sold all my old gear to upgrade to new stuff before leaving and I have a few choices so was looking for some advice.

    Choice 1:
    Nikon D300 DSLR for stills
    Canon Legria HF s10 for video

    Choice 2:
    Nikon D300s DSLR for both

    It seems that choice two would save me 900 but I have concerns about using a DSLR for video. I've never used one for video so Im not sure how they are, I know they are limited to 3-5minute clips but that's not a huge problem. Will they have a reduction in quality? It will mean I get to use my Nikkor lenses which is good. I know this won't seem like a concern but I'll be whoring myself out to the rich so will having seperate gear for photo and video appear more professonal I wonder? Would the canon be more rugged and shooting off piste and followcams etc?

    I don't reallly know much about shooting with DSLR's but I guess with some money saved I could buy a video grip for it. How is the manual focus for things like follow cams?

    It needs to be solid state for turn around and an the Canon video seems the best choice there (if a bit expensive), unless anyone has another suggestion.


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    Hi, the general consensus on these forums is to use a dedicated video camera for video not a stills camera that does video too.
    i'm not of that school of thought and there's a guy on this forum called mike kobal, i suggest you check some of his videos to see just what quality the new breed of DSLR's can produce..... they really are quite stunning !

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    Check this link out:

    This guy says he shot this with a Nikon D90...

    I would camra wise choose cannon, I have always been a Nikon man myself

    But Cannon Kinda has it for me now, if I was buying again I would choose Cannon.

    I would use the right equipment for the right Job.....

    But I can understand having a compact video, camera some jobs feels better and small is sometimes needed.

    Hope that helps

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