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Thread: Virgin Media Shorts nominees announced

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    Default Virgin Media Shorts nominees announced

    Virgin Media Shorts has just released their shortlist of 11 films for this years competition. Check out the films here. A group of industry judges including Kevin Spacey is deciding who wins the main award on the 22nd September but you can vote for your favourite on the website – this will decide the people’s choice award. The cool thing is that anyone who votes could win one of 50 year round cinema passes.

    I think Cribble’s animation is possibly my favourite, fantastic visuals and music. I also like Tim Key’s the transaction, cleverly shot and very witty. It would be great to hear what people think of the nominees.

    Matt (On behalf of Virgin Media Shorts)


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    Thank You for the POST......

    OK; I have watch, I have seen and I liked CGI-brows - It entertained me, I thought it was very funny indeed. I loved the satire I found it most memerable.
    I must admit the others were all so very good too, a high standard. I think that the animation should have it's own catagory as so much work goes in to them and deserve there own credit. Because the standard is great, I had to choose on the entertaiment value to me.

    My vote went to

    Title: CGI-brows Running time: 02'14" Synopsis “This will literally change the face of the motion picture industry” Mark Kermode

    • Director(s): Andrew Gaynord
    • Producer(s): Andrew Gaynord
    • Production company(s): RocketSausage

    CGI-brows by rocketsausage ? Virgin Media Shorts

    And their website is in the same
    RocketSausage - prolific producers of high quality, low-budget comedy films.
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    Hey Zandebar,

    Interesting choice - those guys definitely make funny films.

    It's certainly a strong shortlist this year. Who did anyone else vote for?

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    Hey guys,

    Just though I’d give you a final reminder that you can ask a question of one of the Virgin Media Shorts judges, Oscar nominated Brit director Daniel Barber. If you've got any questions, respond to this thread by tomorrow night, August 11th, and the best, coolest, most interesting will be passed on to Daniel. I will post Daniel's responses here in due course.


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    Hey folks,

    Just another reminder, cause time's running out. There are two days left to vote for the People's Choice award in Virgin Media shorts. There's 12 short films on the shortlist, and my favourites aren't anywhere near the top...
    "Hiccup" and "She Farted and Created the World" are doing well, among others. Have a look, vote and tell me which ones you liked!

    You need to sign up to become a critic and vote, but signing up also enters you into the draw for one of 50 free one-year cinema passes. So it's a pretty good deal.

    Matt (on behalf of Virgin Media Shorts)

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