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Thread: urgent! how to crop a picture of a head onto a body in a video.

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    Default urgent! how to crop a picture of a head onto a body in a video.

    I'm doing this mini project for a friend where I have to put his head, and a few other people's heads on other people's bodies in a video. I've tried a variety of programs, but either I'm not using them right or they're not the right ones for this specific project. Help please? I'm super desperate and frustrated and this has to be done before the 16th. Thanks!

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    Are both the heads and the bodies video or are the heads just photo images? Most software will allow you to do the second option. Are you trying to create a realistic look (in which case there's no way you'll acquire the skills or equipment required to do this by 16th or can it just look silly (ie like one photo stuck onto another) in which case it just depends how much patience you've got.

    You need to create an image (or images) of the head in a photoediting program. Cut around the head and make the background transparent or all one colour.

    Then use that as an overlay track in your software, either allowing the transparancy to let the background show through or by chromakeying out the one colour. Then you use rack motion to move the head in sync with the background. This takes time and patience and required software that will allow you to use KEYFRAMES.

    If you want to do it with a video overlay (ie the head moves) it's a bit more complex as you will want to change the shape of the overlay as well as the position. So you need keyframable masks as well as track motion. Sony Vegas Pro has that and you can download a 30 day fully functional trial which will take you way beyond the 16th.

    If this is making little sense to you I'm afraid you've got a LOT of learning to do between now and the 16th. If I was advising me (an old git approaching 50 who takes ages to learn anything nowadays) I'd suggest it was an unreasonable target, but who knows, you're probably young, enthusiastic and retentive.

    So long as you don't display those other traits of the young (expecting instant gratification without any effort ***) then you just *may* achieve what you desire.

    *** NOT the fault of the young, but of a society which

    • tells them they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it irrespective of whether they're capable
    • protects them from failure in case it upsets the poor little blighters
    • looks for someone else to blame if they don't achieve

    Ooops ... looks like I went a bit OT

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    Tim, what is Sony Vegas Pro like compared to adobe premiere CS3/4?

    As I have not used vegas...

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