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Thread: Major Help with my Sony HVR V1U

  1. Default Major Help with my Sony HVR V1U

    Hey guys I have another problem with my camera

    The wedding I shot last week, I used two cameras the HVR-V1U and the HVR-Z1U (had to use this last second)

    Now, I had to return the Z1U to the rental store, but my 2nd shooter gave me all his DV tapes that he shot with that camera... I was under the assumption that all the tapes from the Z1U would play in my V1U...but when I put the tapes in, it just says "change tape format'...and any setting I try to change, it always says the same thing.

    So Im in a very tough spot right now, because I really need to work on the video quick, but this is holding me back. Do you know what I can do?

    Thanks a million guys...

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    Hi man,

    Is the V1 an sd 4:3 camera? if so as the Z1 is a HD 16:9 camera your V1 wont support the play back. as its not 16:9.

    If you had the Z1 you'd have no problems as it supports both formats and can downconvert the HD to Sd internally.

    I could be wrong on this so dont take my word for it. Failing that has the second shooter flicked the little plastic 'locked dont record over me switch' on the tapes?

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