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Thread: Need help to embody my idea

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    Default Need help to embody my idea

    Hello everyone,

    I am shooting a short horror movie for a film festival and I have an idea which I don't really know how to imply. I don't think, that this thing is unique and never been used by anyone else, but I want to do it anyway. So basically, there is a man lying on the ground, in the forest by the river. He opens his eyes and the camera sets a shot in which you see his face, looking into the lens, and clouds behind him running fast. This means his distorted perception of time. Then gets up, he stares into the clouds, still running by fastly. This shot has to be from his back and taking him full-length. He is just standing and in another shot moving, but slower than the clouds, normaly. Not speeded, not slowed. I hope you get what I'm trying to say here.
    I was wondering to do the two-shot takes. The upper shot would be clouds, fast-forwarded, the lower - man, at normal speed or even slowed a bit for that creepier effect. But I dismissed this solution, because when filming outdoor, the place of the sun will change, meaning the light position in both of the takes being different. Wouldn't look good. Any ideas how to do this right?


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    It depends on the set up, but one way is this. Set up the tripod with the sky view you want and take the timelapse footage. THen bring in the talent and enough green-screen to block around the head-shot where the head is in the sky.

    Then you can comp the 2 shots with a reasonable simple greenscreen matte and a garbage mat to remove all the unwanted background from the slow shot.

    To avoid the lighting changes you would probably need to light both scenes a bit.

    As always... I'm not a pro (or even much of an amateur) so I might be way off!

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    Thank You for the answer.

    Unfortunately, we aren't equipped with a green screen, nor are we bringing a source of light. The filming is planned to be done in the middle of the day, I understand, a lamp is still needed to shoot a good movie. Oh well..

    Maybe there are some other ways?

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    Niaurus, where are you based, are you in the UK ?

    As I have a green screen you could use am sure its big enough for the shot.

    its an option and a thougt.

    And come to think it, time of day of shoot is important, and season.

    Am supprised that you are not using a light source as the light changes as time rolls on. So you would have the fast rolling clouds in the background, the light changes as it does. Then the 'Talent' walking slowly with the light moving following the same direction as the clouds.

    To me that is Freaky and disturbing, you wanted creepy though maybe not the same feel you require.
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    Thanks for the good wishes, zandebar, but I'm not in the UK.

    Our plans is to shoot this movie in a couple of days from now. This scene, that I'm trying to figure out, is our only concern.

    I've come up with another idea. Do You think it's possible to shoot the scene with the man and the sky above him together and then, by software, select the sky manually and just speed that part up? I'd try to make the frame with a little number of trees I could, so it won't be a problem.

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    You can visit a local retail and see if they have any green or preferably blue material if you are going to be shooting in a forest it would be better to use blue screen. Even a large flat piece of wood painted with chroma blue paint might do the job. Failing that a split screen with the guy lying on the ground and the sky coming down 1/3 or 1/2 the way of the screen could be done using split screen (cropping). You would just need to make sure the two parts fit together with a natural horizon line in the bottom scene or it will look odd.

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    I agree; lets hope its a cloudy day! with that blue screen, and its doesn't have to be blue or green in those enviroments. Maybe Red, Or brilliant purple the colours must not clash, so some thought needed

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    this is the river we'll be shooting beside.

    as You can see, there really isn't a way to fit with the natural horizon line, because of the trees everywhere, or maybe I didn't catch something..

    Couldn't I just select the sky with a video editing software, like in this picture here: just make it as another layer and speed it up? Don't mind the reflection. I'd make sure it won't be visible..
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    well, you made me go over myself. With this tutorial help How to Build a Portable Green Screen - wikiHow I'll make myself a blue screen, but I guess it won't work if there won't be clouds, right?
    But I don't need the pipes to make the screen hang on it, cause I need to cover the sky with it, right? No idea how to do that. Hang it on the trees? But it will have many creases...

    Although, I think it's possible to film everything when there isn't any clouds, when the sky's all blue. Then I could film the clouds later and add them.
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    So are you anywhere nearer ?

    I think if you are pushing the concept where it is hard to obtain the right tools.

    change the concept to one that will work, Maybe play on having the shots all messed up as he is messed up, clever use of camera angles and cutting. Avoid the fancy stuff until you are sure you can pull it off.
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