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Thread: DVD menu issue (Encore)

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    I decided to make a menu for dvd with some my and my friends video. I used adobe encore. With after effects I made this video to be my menu:

    I imported it to encore, set as a menu with looping forever at the 12th second. Then opened in photoshop, where I created a button by making a new layer group called (+) button and a layer in it called (=) butt . In this layer I made a rectangular box on a word to be a button. I dublicated it in encore on every word to be a button. Linked buttons to my vids. On prieview works fine, so I burned the dvd. Unfortunately I dont have dvd player so I tested it on PC (windows media player) and laptop (quicktime movie player) and noticed few issues about the buttons.
    1: the rectangular box does not appear when I select a video to play.
    2: though you can press an invisible button to play a video, the button appears lower than it should. I mean (see the video) if I made button on the word KTV kamera, it actually appears in a space between KTV kamera and KTV kamera2

    I want to know, will it work fine on dvd player or I made something wrong?

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    Hey Man,

    I think i've had the issue with encore as well.

    You made the rectangle boxes as buttons?

    If your buttons are invisible, check out the edit menu and edit colour set option. This gives you the choice of what colour your highlight button is; and what colour it goes when you press the button.

    Also highlight each button link in encore itself and check the shape of the highlight. Sometimes encore highlights an area larger than your actual graphic button. This gives the impression that your button selection zone is not aligned with your actual graphic on a tv. I have had this before

    Cutting a long story short, I just had to re link all my buttons making sure this odd thing didn't happen.

    I hope some of this waffle helps out. Ha

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    Sorry, Im still a noob at encore

    Sorry, old project file, not all videos are in it... anyway, that how the highlighted buttons should look. Thats how it looks like in encore when highlighted and it looks aligned. I tried editing menu color set, but everything looks normal. In prieview also. That what frusrrates me...that to check if everything is ok I have to waste another dvd since in prieview everything looks perfect :(

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