I was using two different video editing software packages Powerdirector 7 ultra and sony vegas pro 9 trying to decide which was best for me powerdirector worked fine had some problems with sony but after downloading some codecs it worked fine.

Then I opened vegas one day and clicked import and slected a video and clicked open the folder window half disapeared as if it was going to close as normal and then froze and nothing happened I had to use the end task proces to get windows moving again.

Since then almost every video editing program I have tried has had the same problem.

The only one that did not have the exact same problem was windows movie maker the video would still take a while to import but it would import but then there was another problem if I played the video by clicking it in the collections window it would play fine but if I played it by clicking it on the timeline or storyboard the bottom half of the video would be filled with a green colour and the video would be squashed into the top half.

All the video clips are avi some converted from vob they all play fine in Media players

I am running windows xp pro