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Thread: 3D Animator Required For Music Video. Please Read.

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    Default 3D Animator Required For Music Video. Please Read.

    Hey Guys

    We need somebody to design an animated video for us, preferably in 3D.

    The concept if of a girl who is somewhat larger than life. She want's to become famous but due to her size she can't.

    The song is very tongue in cheek so we want this to be brought out in the design.

    I'm thinking a character like Motto Motto (Madagascar 2) would be great as her.

    Check link:

    The chorus should be very similar to the link, with much smaller people appearing ,dancing around her. I like the kinetic typography too.

    For the verses, she could be walking around,acting out the lyrics of the song.

    We need 2 guys in Balaclavas designed too.

    As I am an unsigned musician, money is quite an issue but I am willing to pay something. But if anyone is up for the challenge, please get in touch..

    Get back to me with ideas and prices.

    PM or Email me on

    I live in London.



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    Youre user name is very ... interesting

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    Lol...Yeh I love the fact that goreh don't understand it!

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    lolll ... paan chodh pudhae gorae de harami

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    LOL, easy mate..

    So what do you do man??

    U an editor??

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    Haha ! Jokes

    Naa, just finished my A Levels, i know ive flopped them, so with 2 years of media studies experiece, im gonna try start up my own one man cameraman service, for small events. Indian weddings, receptions, charity do's etc etc.

    What u do ?

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    I'm a music producer.

    We're pushing out a project hence the reason for getting animators involved.

    Have you got a camera now? Which one?

    You should consider building your Final Cut and After Effects skills. Trust me, there's a big demand for people with specialist knowledge. Coz most indian cameramen only know the basics of cutting video.

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    Havnt got a camera yet, looking at a Sony HDR HC1, Records to HD, takes Mini DV's ...
    Seen one on ebay, guys askinbg 460 for it with a pro Trip, and a set of DV Tapes.

    Yea, ill deff look into polishing up on FCpro stuff, ive got a hench 24'' mac with FCpro avaiilible to me from 8am - 10pm 5 days a week, at collage, even tho iv eleft they still let me use it. Ill take a look at some Tutorials and get into it.

    lolll, dont get me started on indian camera men, my uncle still records to and distrabutes VHS tapes !
    His mic is taped on to his camera, cz the fitting broke ... stll gets about 2 jobs (550GBP) a week !

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