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Thread: Canon XH A1 Problem - Please Help!!

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    I was taking pictures with the camera. When I pressed the photo button again, it shut off and made a sound, like that of a PC shutting down. I tried all my batteries and and the ac adapter. No luck. It doesn't turn on. The only thing it does is the blue HDV and DV lights flash. I looked at the manual and all I can think of is that somehow the internal battery is dead. It said to connect the camera to the ac adapter for at least 24 hours, so I'm still waiting. Has this happened to any of you? What can I do?

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    There is a major "gotcha" with the XHA1, although it doesn't seem to apply here it worth having a look at.

    Namely the standby switch (the dial around the "record" button) which is easy to accidentally switch off resulting in... nothing. Try that, it's so easy to switch off without noticing what you've done.

    If everything goes to ratshit though there is a "reset everything" button on the top of the camera, under the led screen next to the loudspeaker.

    It might be that your internal battery is just flat but it does sound like that infernal "standby" dial though!

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    Did you ever fix this problem, cos I have the same exact problem. Blue HDV blinks and the rest of the camera is totally dead.

    I checked the 2 lock switches, and they are fine.

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    I had to take it to a Canon Service Center and it turned out to be a blown fuse. The interesting thing is that it recently happened to me again, but I was able to get it working after turning it off and waiting a few minutes.

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    i bought the camera from UK, and sending it to UK for fixing is a bit expensive, if it turns out to be a fuse, which I can easily change.
    however the problem with canon is that spare parts are not so easily obtainable

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