Hi All

Exporting HDV with Premiere Pro 2

Camcorder: Sony HDR - HC3 HDV camcorder. (1440 x 1080)
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro 2
HD Player: WD TV HD Player
TV: Sony Full HD

Camcorder via HDMI
When I connect my camcorder directly to the TV, the picture quality is excellent as expected.

Viewing Native Capture
I then capture (via firewire) through PPro2 which creates a MPEG file. The picture quality (viewed through my WD TV HD Player) is almost as good?

Does PPro2 capture HDV natively and is there any loss in video quality after capturing?

If not, could the slight loss be down to the WD TV HD Player?

Ive exported video projects to MPEG 2 and M2T but both produce a slightly grainy, blurred video, with less colour depth than the original.

What is the best way to export HDV video without no or little loss?
Do I need a better Media Encoder?
Can I backup my project back to tape and capture natively again?


Ted Hughes