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Thread: How do I bring camstudio AVI into Pinnacle?

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    Default How do I bring camstudio AVI into Pinnacle?

    Hail the reader and bless the respondent.
    I have some Camstudio AVI video saved in My documents/My videos.
    When I open pinnacle and try to recover it, pinnacle does not open my videos.
    I have tried to save the video into my projects ths is also a no go as the
    My documents folder does not see the my Projects folder.
    I want to edit this video in pinnacle 12, how can I bring this into my editing program Please?
    Thank you

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    Same problem here with Pinnacle 11.1, no solution found, neither on Pinnacle's website.

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    I had the same problems and I came across with a possible solution. Although the record output is in AVI format, we can choose our compression code for our video records which is not compatible sometimes with pinnacle descompression code. So, check again the video options on your camstudio configuration and try using another code. I do not know which one is the best so you find out it just let me know.


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