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    hello everyone i am a newbie on here, and heres my question , i have recently decided to go into wedding videography after years in the music industry,mainly because i am retiring from music and if im to continue working then its important that i enjoy my work. anyway i have been going from start now for 4 months and i have done two weddings with great customer reviews on my website i have now 10 weddings booked between now and sept 2010 what i wanna now is i am doing ok or should there be more work in than this and what can i do to advertise besides my website any ideas thank you

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    Theres a few things you can do, talk to flowers shops, churches, wedding cordinators, even other wedding videographers. You never know when they'll over book and pass work onto you, I found the biggest thing is word of mouth.. Also go to bridal shows are big so check thoes out and start handing out cards

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    there is a recession so all bookings are down, also discounts are being sought for what is basically a very time consuming work.

    Don't forget insurance, copyright licences and get in with a photographer as they will give good leads.

    Also ask at DV Doctor forums a lot of newbies and pros in the wedding busines there.

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    Your biggest source of future work are the weddings you now have booked.
    Spend as long as you can afford on the edit until it is as polished and professional as possible.
    Try to be as original as possible on your presentation too as a great final product will bring many referrals for years to come.

    Websites and bridal shows (large ones) can be a good source of fresh enquiries too.
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    Don't worry too much about very advanced booking!! Some brides book a year or more in advance and some don't. I had a call on Thursdat evening for a wedding shoot that I did this morning!! On average about half my season bookings are a year ahread or more and the other half will only book 3 months ahead. If you have to turn down dates already booked then you know you are doing something right!!

    List yourself with bridal online directories!! They are a good source of business and some are free but others are not even costly to list yourself for a year!!

    As mentioned, after a few years it will be mainly word of mouth but stick with it and the bookings will grow. In our recessed economy don't try to stay with high paying jobs only !! If you get a 5K job great!! but a lot of brides are now looking for more basic packages. I dunno what you charge but if you want to get high paying jobs think about dual branding!! Have two business that cater for upper crust cinematic "hollywood style" weddings and another that just does "economy" packages. That way you will survive


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