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    Question Sony Vegas .veg image

    Can anyone help me with this issue? I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 and I need to restore the default image for .veg project files. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and everything, but nothing works. It just shows up as a generic icon with the Vegas 9 logo in the center like this:

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Why on earth do you need to change it back? I can certainly understand that you would like to or want to, but I really can't imagine any circimstance where this is a need.

    Nevertheless, assuming you mean you want to change the Icon that shows up in Windows Explorer, try the following (Windows XP instructions, Vista may differ):

    Open Windows Explorer or My Computer
    Tools | Folder Options
    File Types tab
    Scroll down to VEG and select it.

    Now here's the bit I found interesting:
    Under "Details for the "VEG" extension" you will find two buttons.
    If these are "Change" and "Restore" click on the "Restore" button.
    Now the buttons will be "Change" and "Advanced"
    This may be all that's required.
    Otherwise, click on "Advanced", the "Change Icon" abd search for the icon,

    (On my system it's in C:\WINDOWS\Installer\{6E5AB107-172B-4F17-8ABB-357C59EF1B08}\icon_veg.ico )

    Hope that helps.

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