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Thread: vep.4 problem

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    Unhappy vep.4 problem

    I am a newbie to your forum, and have come to it in desperation! Would anyone know where I can get a free vep.4 converter that actually works?! I have scoured the Google results with no luck and have run out of ideas as to where to look next. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default do you mean .vep4 file?

    Do you mean .vep4 file? It's the project file extension of AVS Video Editor. The project file contains the information on the video and audio clips, effects and transitions added to your movie. You don't need to read the saved project with a third-party application, only the AVS Video Editor is able to open(or reopen)the created project file.

    If you want to change your video to other format, just simply load the .vep project file and click the save movie button. Then you can choose the out put video format.

    Note: It is strongly recommended not to change the location of the media files used in your project while working on it.

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