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Thread: Last Day Before Moscow-Austria-Germany

  1. Default Last Day Before Moscow-Austria-Germany

    joy joy, another awesome video i've just edited

    tips welcomed as always


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    This is not an "awsome" video.

    It shows kids jumping off a wall. Not a particularly high wall, not jumping particularly well and certainly not falling into the "awsome" bracket. Right, that's the poor content sorted.

    The camerawork is mediocre. You're not creating any impression of excitement. I appreciate that it's difficult, bearing in mind that nothing exciting's happening but even so...

    I suggest that you spend a bit of time thinking about a concept, how you want the video to look, what you want to bring across. Just filming kids jumping off three and five foot walls in long shots doesn't do it.

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    Well, first of all what we do is a Sport. its well known and our level isn't counted as low at all. thats what i do, thats what we do, we enjoy it and we always see comments like "stupid kids" coming, and theres nothing we can do about them.

    Everyone see our discipline in other ways, but only the one that does it can understand what it means.

    The shots were takens in mid-train without making like ready checks and what not.. just some live action so this is the best i could take

    Also the edit had abit time pressure since i wanted to release it before we take our flights..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phillkruglov View Post
    Well, first of all what we do is a Sport. its well known and our level isn't counted as low at all. thats what i do, thats what we do, we enjoy it and we always see comments like "stupid kids" coming, and theres nothing we can do about them.
    That's as maybe. But this is a forum for discussing video. Guru's opinion (and mine, as it happens, though other opinions are available) was that the content wasn't exciting and certainly wasn't "awesome".

    But rather than get all defensive about how what you do is a sport and you're not at the bottom rung of the ladder, pay heed to his comments about the video.

    In the right hands, paint drying can be made to look exciting, in the wrong hands even the most adrenaline-inducing feats can look pedestrian.

    Look for angles, cuts, close-ups, and most importantly (in my opinion) the human shots of concentration, elation, reaction in order to add excitement, rather than showing a series of mid to wide angle shots which basically flatten the whole thing. You need those shots for pesrpective, nothing more.

    Also the music was a peculiar choice - not really very exciting.

    And forget all this "I didn't have time" rubbish. If you didn't have time to do a job you think is worthy of criticism, then don't post it for criticism.

    I like your titles. (See I'm not all about slagging you off)

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    You might not consider your "level" to be low but this is how it can be done... By a young guy with a consumer camcorder, no excuses just a bloody good video.

    It was nominated for our video of the month oh yeah... me!

    This is a videomaking forum not a mutual admiration society, if you try and sell a video as "awesome" and it doesn't fulfill the promise... expect to be called on it. As it says at the top of the page: "Note that this forum is used for critical assessment of posted material. By posting your work here you agree to have your work subject to constructive critism. If you're easily offended, it is recommended that you do not post"
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    Alex's video is awesome, remember it well. A lot to be learnt from this vid.
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    i DO respect the comments about the music choice and the angles.and tbh, i can see thousand ways i could've done them better.

    but one thing i can kill for it is people talking about our 'level'.
    you confuse the sport. FLIPS ISN'T WHAT WERE TRAINING.
    you posted a video of a 'high level preformer', one thing you missed that he is doing freerunning, while we did parkour.

    also if you check my other videos you can see us doing these flips and this junk. (which is basicly something we already got 'threw' and sometimes we just put like one or two flips just to avoid comments like you did)

    the fact is, its not what were doing, and its not what gets the interest out from us.

    and since no one from the replies which were made about the level wasn't made by a practicioner, i lost my respect to you. YOU CANT TALK ABOUT LEVEL BEFORE YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT ARE WE DOING.

    im sick of people thinkin that what we do is jumping off rooftops and doing flips


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    Not really feeling this video too be honest. I preferred the previous one you posted. The direction was much better and had some interesting angles. More of a flow to it as well.
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    Well the previous one was planned. it was ment to be a big project, i took alot of thought about what and how.. We used one camera so you can imagine what pain in the ass it was to make every move over 10 takes to get it right..

    Actually im thinkin about a large project when i get back from moscow.. so hopefully after seeing what im fully capable of you can really give me an actual feedback which will help me improve..

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    "Actual Feedback" has already been given to you. Read Tim's post more carefully as he gives you some great advice.
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