hi, i'm new to video editing ,and getting a pretty good grasp on editing but, exporting has me completly bogged down. i'm using premiere 6.5 and trying to burn with ulead movie factory and i've tried sonic my dvd(which had worked with another editing program earlier this year.) but now with my project from premiere i get a calibration err. which i have learned usually means bad media but , i have tried two different batches of dvd+r's and -r's. not the drive bought an external and got the same err. i am so frustrated, now when i try to burn a file i get an application err; unable to detect an ASPI manager.(?)and or "dvd is not a valid project file or format is not supported." i know, i'm losing it . could someone please turn me on to some info on solving these problems? i can't even export to tape , which has worked for me once.? the camera activates but i just get a blue screen. any help will be greatly ppreciated. i am using a dell dim 2300 ,pentium 4 pross. 180GHz, 640 mg ram, and a NEC DVD+RW ND 1100A .