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Thread: Need a programme for colour/visual improvement

  1. Question Need a programme for colour/visual improvement

    I need a programme that specializes in enhancing colours in videos/good with colour effects. Iíve seen fan videos on the Internet where the skin tones are perfect, the colours are perfect and really rich quality and yet the footage being used isnít always HQ, but the video is beyond Blue ray standard. What kind of programme could achieve this? I currently have a trial of Sony Vegas 8, which Iím trying to get to grips with. Iíve watched the colour improvement tutorials and applied them to my video and the improvement is minimal and in some cases it makes it worse. Am I just doing it incorrectly or is Sony Vegas not the most suitable programme for visual improvements such as the ones I am after?

    Any recommendations would be very helpful.

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    Getting good quality on the internet is actually a three step process.

    First is the source material.

    It needs to be of good quality, the rule is "garbage in - garbage out." That doesn't mean you necessarily need HiDef footage but good quality Standard Def will be needed. Also rwemember that if your source footage is already highly compressed as in MPEG2, MP4, DivX etc then any time you re-render it to a new file there will be degradation.


    Again using compressed footage as mentioned above can be tricky when applying overall effects and filters like color correction. Mileage will vary so you just have to experiment.

    Finally output.

    When you upload to YouTube etc they always re-encode the files so you lose quality. There is a separate and distinct "art" to doing this so as to minimise damage!

    You have much to learn grasshopper, go forth to the interwebs and start your journey.

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