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    Hi there. Just signed up for this and hoping to get some help. I would like to know which format for "make movie" in Pinnacle Studio should I use for the final burn....AVI, DivX, MPEG1 or 2???? Which codec do I use for custom compression...DV, MJPEG, cinepak codec by Radius, DivX 6.1.1 Codec (2 Logical CPUs), Roxio MPEG1 or 2 Encoder. I used the format DV and "Best " for the auto preset, but my home video comes out a little shakey and jaggy. Which codecs in custom will make my movie smoother and less jaggy???? I want to show movie on TV and CPU and I thought CUSTOM would be better but dont know what to choose. Also..what "data rate" do I choose for Kbits/sec??? And do I use 100% for the frame rate quality???? If there is nutshell advice for the biginner movie maker to make things smoother and better, please I would like to know.

    Thank you,
    Busty Debbie
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    If you're showing the film on the TV, you might want to try writing it to a DVD. There's an option there instead of saving it to file to save it to a disc.
    This will have its own settings in the settings window, mostly about quality. Just set the quality to as high as you can make it with the given space on the DVD, and the footage should look ok.

    What's making the footage look jaggy is compression. While I would have done the same as you for choosing 'DV', maybe you need to look at the frame rate. This might only be customisable when in 'custom' mode. If you were writing the final movie to the computer as well, try saving it with a frame rate of 30 and 25. I found that even when I filmed at 25fps, there were still problems unless I increased the final write-to-file up to 30fps.

    Have a go at those and post back what happens.

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