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Thread: Sony Vx2000, vs2100, pd150,pd170

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    Default Sony Vx2000, vs2100, pd150,pd170

    I think these camcorders are the standard.

    Does anyone have any real experiences using these, where do they standard in order of quality, durability.

    I have seen some reasonable secondhand vx camcorders and have been considering getting one.

    Just wanted some opinions

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    If you are looking at SD cameras then it's wise to not look at performance now so much but make sure that the camera does have true 16:9 mode (not just a squeeze mode) Remember that more and more people are buying flat screen HD TV's but still stick with a standard DVD player so you will need an SD camera that will shoot genuine widescreen. What usually happens is that people set their big flat panels to "zoom" so if you shoot and edit in 4:3 your video almost always ends up being stretched!!


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