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Thread: SD to HD (SD/HDMIX)

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    Default SD to HD (SD/HDMIX)

    Hi Guys,

    I have come across a project where I need to use some SD footage 16:9 into a HD project. obviouslt in a HD project the footage is too small, whereas just increasing its size makes it look rubbish

    I've explored some options for upconverting however I realise there is no magic wand.

    Just wondering what people use or have had success with.

    I also wanted to see if its possible using AE

    Any help is appreciated

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    Default try this

    There are many HD video converters support converting SD videos to HD Videos. For example HD Video Converter - OJOsoft . But I'm not sure if the converted HD video shows higher quality than the source SD video.

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    How do you put in the extra data needed for HD when using SD video?

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    Hey Starkie

    I would think that the only real choice (assuming that your 16:9 SD is in DV-AVI format) is to render the HDV (I'm assuming from your Sony HD1000) in the NLE out to DV-AVI 720x576 and then you might have two similar files to edit with???? Pity the Sony's downconvert to SD option is so poor..that would solve your problem!!


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    I will interested in the outcome if you get it to work OK, I have had mixed results, the main problem I have had is in the field order, why when they developed AVCHD did they make it upper field first when the old SD was lower field first I don't know, as if they wanted to create problems.


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