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    Very silly. I don't know how I managed to watch it all the way through, 30-40 secs would have been long enough for enough variations. But I did. Maybe the relaxed rap chilled me.
    It was shot at the wrong time of day. Your subject is in shadow with a very brightly lit background. This applies to all the long shots of the subjects playing and inexcusibly to the opening shot.
    You need to get into the habit of filming from different angles and different length shots. This type of film cries out for closeups of hands on the ball and facial shots of concentration and reaction. (Please do NOT Google "facials" for cluse about the sort of shots I'm talking about). It'll help move the film along no end and add human interest.
    The cut from the opening shot of the guy (after he walks out of the picture) to the basketball hoop from the same angle comes across as a jump cut.

    There was some sort of banter going on. Frustratingly it was too loud not to be a distraction and too quiet to make it out.

    I didn't like the intro fading from the Lego to the white on black. I'd have left it as Lego, but that's just a matter of subjective opinion.

    Keep goin'

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    Thanks you. It seems I still have a lot to learn about angles and lighting! I guess just experimenting with different shots and continuing to create videos will help with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    on. (Please do NOT Google "facials" for cluse about the sort of shots I'm talking about). '
    LOL !

    have to agree with tim it was just too long. some nice idea's... skateboard etc, but needs a heavy cut and some different angles to keep the interest.

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    Thanks, what do you mean by a heavy cut?

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