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Thread: HD settings on Vegas Pro 8

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    Just fiddling around with some settings on my camera and PC using Sony Vegas Pro 8 and it's thrown up an interesting query.

    My capture settings on my Sony HD cam are set to 1080i but when I try and capture video through Sony Vegas using the HDV device option (the one below DV) it says Device Not Found.

    If my camera is set to HD recording mode and Vegas can import HD footage - does anyone know why my capture settings can't see my camera so I can import HD footage?!

    many thanks


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    I had a similar problem with my Canon XH-A1. Are you sure that output in the cam isn't set to 'auto'? I found that I had to set output to HDV, for Vegas capture to recognise it.

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    Hi Archie,

    Sorry for the late reply - yeah; camera is set to record in HDV1080i mode - still can't be recognised when I capture video in Vegas 8. Any other ideas? Surely it can't be this hard??

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    Are you definitely using the Vegas HDV capture? In options/preferences/video the box "use external capture application" should be unticked. (It's ticked by default for SD capture).

    Edit: just re-read your last post. "Camera is set to record in 1080i" What about output though?
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    Discovered the problem last night, I had my camera settings on down convert so nothing was coming out in HD format!! All done now though thanks.

    Do you know if working in HD is OK compared to SD? I've been shooting in HD bit everything's been getting down converted (see above). SO now I've rectified that am I suddenly going to notice my Sony Vegas is running slow or taking days to render a small film?

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    Depends on your PC hardware. On my old PC, HD was taking 3 to 10 times real time to render out to mpeg2 for DVD. (depending on FX etc added) My new(ish) quad core does the same in close to real time most of the time. I found down converting in cam not very good quality. Vegas makes a much better job of it.

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    Thanks Archie - I did an experimental render last night with down convert on and off from the camera and on a 30 second clip - the HD footage only took about 30 seconds longer to render so I'm going to stick with those settings I think!!

    Just don't know what to expect when I do my first film with a load of effects / titles etc etc ?

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