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Thread: How do you add the team logo on the football pitch

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    Default How do you add the team logo on the football pitch

    I am a newbie in this multimedia system, I have seen this boarcast on television where they put the team logo on the pitch before the match start. I wanted to do some similar effect for some of my video. How should I start from doing this, any suggestion or hint.


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    That's an interesting one! I'll have a think about it and get back to you

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    Just had a play with Premiere Pro, and I'm probably getting this completely wrong, but the only way I can think of doing this is using 3 layers. If I remember rightly, the players actually go over the logos, rather than underneath it. If you want the logo to go between the players and the pitch, you'll need a static shot of the pitch with no players, then a transparent logo, then "actual footage" of the players - with the layers composed in that order.

    I saved the West Ham logo from their website, made a transparant Photoshop image, imported this into premier, changed the opacity setting and added it as a second layer on some footage of a lawn and it looked okay. Thing is, it's over the top of everything - hence the need for that additional layer so that the players themselves go over the logo - but then you'd need them running on around on a prefectly uniformly green pitch so that you could key the pitch out! LOL

    Someone must know how do do this so that you can get a Logo to be underneath the players, but above the picth without using a keying? Otherwise, just import a transparent image and put it in a layer above your footage

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    I am going to try it out!

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