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Thread: VHS player to PC?

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    It's a long time since I built a DVD video of photographs and video clips using Pinnacle Studio 9 and I can not remember how to capture the VHS content from a VHS player connected to the PC.
    Can any one help?

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    I have a USB Video Capture device but its not the one shown on this forum. It's an Xoert DVD Maker with Power Producer software. I have had it running but can not work out if it's possible to get it to talk to Pinnacle.

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    I tried to use a VCR connected to a DVD recorder but had all sorts of problems probably due to my inexperience which I will not go into so I thought I would have a go using Windows Movie Maker. I connected the Xpert DVD Maker USB with the VCR and the PC they connected through Windows Movie Maker.
    Windows Movie Maker allowed me to save the data from the VCR to my PC Video file which was more than the Power Producer2 software did and from there I was able to upload the data to Pinnacle and start to edit it.

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