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    After so many of you said you liked the Lies Like These video shot in the Salford Kebab shop, I give you here a video we shot for an earlier single called Sometimes which we shot in a flat above Four Banks in Chorlton, Manchester - Enjoy - I'd like to hear your thoughts!

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    I can't help smiling when I think of that tune. A real "feel good" video.
    I enjoyed the consistant anti-clockwise movement in the background of many of the scenes (the glitterball lights, the disco oil wheel/projection, the weather map). Very clever. Accident? I think not.

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    Excellent video, catchy tune and very funny, liked the record in the pizza box, wasn't expecting that. You've certainly hit on a talent (or two) here with these music videos. Have you contacted any of the tv channels either locally or nationally about getting one or more of your videos broadcast? The quality is very good.

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    We'd already come across this on YouTube & dismissed it as rather amateurish, but now realise that was because our senses had been fried by a thousand MTV videos.
    The "amateurishness" it's actually its charm & like the Kebab Shop video definitely complements your music.
    You looked rather more uncomfortable in front of the camera here than before, however your lairy "friends" seemed perfectly at ease!
    Were they friends or some stage company you know?
    We hope none of that sounded offensive, it wasn't meant to be. We ended up really liking it.

    Sarah & Allison


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