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Thread: How many hours are too many?

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    Default How many hours are too many?

    So I am thinking about buying a Sony pmw-ex1. I am hoping on buying brand new, but I may look at used too. I was wondering what you guys thought about hours on cameras? Especially cameras that have no moving parts and take memory cards? Do hours matter? Whats considered "too many" ?

    Dale W

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    "Head hours" are a problem with tape mechanisms. It's reckoned that a head will last a thousand hours, then you're running on luck and on how well you looked after it.

    With flash memory and cards there are no moving parts so (theoretically) nothing to wear out.

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    since there are no moving mechanical parts (except the lenses) as there's no tape. Its just the to cosmetic stuff like scratches...or gouges, depending on it's wear and tear.. you should go and see what the camera's like first, try out all the buttons and see if they feel sticky and if the focus ring is scratchy.

    you may find you will have the most problems with old batteries but see how they go.

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