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    I have been asked to make dvd's for a shop, however, this is the first time I'll be making a dvd so I am unsure of what to do.
    I have been making videos using Windows Movie Maker, keeping it simple so that it looks more professional. All I need to do is add movie clips like scenery, replace the audio with a speech, and add some text on top. I have been asked to make it on different topics however, hence I need help in a good software.

    I have looked at cyberlink power director trial version but I cannot affort purchasing that yet. Can anyone recommend any alternatives? And a step by step guide would be helpful too.

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    Any help please?

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    Simply put - you're asking far too much in one post. I doubt anyone, even the most generous contributor is going to spoon feed every step to you to order.

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    a step by step guide is asking for a lot of people. especially since people come on here in their free time.

    lets start with what your client wants. do they want an interactive menu? if not just use nero for your dvd authoring.

    just stick to the software you know well. in your case WMM. if you decide to upgrade i'd recomend using adobe premiere elements and then move up to premiere pro.

    these are the software that i use. other's live ans swear by sony vegas, final cut pro but i am a premiere boy. it's all down to your preference so download a few trials and see which you like the best.

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