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    I have a previous post regarding a new pc setup. This question relates to the software.

    I have been using media studio pro v8. I have been looking at software like, sony vegas, premiere pro and avid. But was looking for advice as opposed to personnal preferences on the software themselves.

    Which is better to use XP or Vista and which software works better with either of these two.

    Also If my pc has 4gigg of ram again which os would be better for this.


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    This is a bit tricky to answer as advice basically boils down to personal preference. So long as the software you are after has all the facilities you need - how can we advise you? One person will like the workflow of one program whereas another will prefer another. One is not "better" than another, they're just different.

    Something slightly more objective might be that Avid and Premiere have a larger user base than Vegas, so you may find more help available.

    On the other hand, I think I'm correct in saying only Vegas has scrpting available, which may be of benefit if you need to automate tasks or want to take advantage of the facilities of add-on scripting packages such as Ultimate, Excalibur and Sony's own add-on.

    As for OS, it will make little difference about the RAM. If you're sticking with 32bit (in which case only about 3.2GB will be recognised) , then stick with XP - it's more stable and less resource hungry. It's actually a pretty good mature OS. If you want to go 64bit (and if you're running 64bit software) you'll probably find Vista more stable or better still - wait for Windows 7, due in October.

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    me im user Premiere Pro and Windows XP Operating System.. It cool and easy to used coz in vista only few software are allowed..

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    Only thing to do really is play with the trial version of the software.

    Then make your own mind up which is best for you, I agree wait for windows 7 to be released.
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