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    I want to buy this

    300 W Video Light for Canon XH G1S - eBay (item 110415806702 end time Aug-19-09 03:06:39 PDT)

    it is a 300w video light in the US, but it 120v

    I really want to buy a few of these, would it be possible to change the bulb to a 220v 300w bulb, will the unit simply work or am I missing something??

    I have found this on an expat forum

    using a usa lamp in the uk,help - Page 2 : British Expat Discussion Forum

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    Mains powered lights are really a pain to use!! I really cannot see the point of using an on-camera light that you have to plug into a mains source!!!

    If you are shooting from one position then just use a light on a stand! If you need to be moving then it's pretty dicey to wander around a reception venue dragging a 220v cable!!!! You can bet that someone will trip on it and your Public Liability insurance will have to pay out!!

    I personally use an LED light. Cost me a mere $50 to make myself and I run it on the same batteries as my cams to make charging simple!!! For most weddings using the panel I only need to use half the bank anyway!!

    You can see a 5mm light plus a 10mm x 40 bank at the link below. Get the LED's off eBay and the box from any electronics store.


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