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Thread: Saiyan Saga Promo - MOVED

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    Default Saiyan Saga Promo - MOVED

    MOVED from User Vids. Pleas post in appropriate section.

    I made this for my website, | the toonami is over so the tytoon came, I also made the music.

    Last edited by TimStannard; 07-26-2009 at 04:49 PM. Reason: Moved from User Vids

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    I would think that your audience have already seen eighty percent of the footage you have shown. If that is true, you need to DRASTICALLY pick up the pace. You cannot hold attention span for that long on footage that fans have already seen.

    Even if it's not true, and you are doing a promo for new fans, you need to change the footage and show a better story.

    Fonts and word placement

    Next Time:
    Pick up the pace, or show some story (depending on the audience)

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