I have a Canon MV850i camcorder, which has just served us well on a 3-week trip through Europe. However, after a couple of weeks, the zoom rocker button stopped working. The camera is stuck on full "wide" zoom, and the rocker does nothing.

There's the usual rocker switch resistance on the "zoom" direction, but the rocker is floppy in the "wide" (up) direction.

The zoom works fine with the remote control, if I hold the rocker down ("zoom" direction), and the rocker can then be used to return to full wide. So I'm figuring that the motor is OK.

Does anyone know if it's likely to be a broken part on the rocker, or is it possible that something (e.g. a return spring) has somehow become detached or unhooked? If I shake the camera gently, there are no ratling noises or anything.

I'm quite happy to take the camera apart to fix something mechanical, but if the likelihood is that there's a broken part then I'd need to get a spare from somewhere before doing that. Are spare parts available from anywhere?

Any help hugely appreciated!