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Thread: Storing raw footage on DVD

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    Default Storing raw footage on DVD

    Can anyone advise if it is possible to transfer raw unedited footage to a DVD disc that can be transferred back to my PC for editting?
    I have many analogue tapes that I have to convert to digital through my Canon 650i. The deterioration on the tapes is very noticeable and I would like to convert them all and save the raw stuff to DVD before they get any worse. I have very little time to edit the tapes at the moment, hence my question. I use Ulead Video Studio 7 and also have Roxio Easy CD creator.

    Grateful for any advice on this.
    Tom Gray

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    I've done this before, and had no problems, I just burned all the raw DV I didn't need onto DVD as data and when I got a new hard drive I put it all back on the new drive with no problems.

    Might be better off just transferring them to mini-DV tape though, It's easier to catalogue them then (maybe), and if they're long AVI's it you might have to transfer the whole file back to your PC even if you only need a few seconds.

    I was doing it with really short clips of waves so I could just fill up a whole disc to the brim, and if I really needed one clip I could just copy that one back.
    Panasonic SD9, Panasonic NVGS-75, Canon MV600i

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