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Thread: Sony Vegas 8.0 PRO Moving Anchors

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    Default Sony Vegas 8.0 PRO Moving Anchors

    So Masking is a very important part in Sony Vegas PRO 8.0
    I know how to mask etc.. But when I need to move the anchor points it makes a curve, I have seen people on youtube move these anchor points. But how? (without curving?)

    thanks people =]

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    To move Anchors "Points" choose the other tool. Switch FROM the "Anchor Tool", TO the Normal Edit Tool.

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    I have done this but its just not working for me, I have read about other people having this problem. No luck

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    What happens? Explain?

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    So if I click on one of the; lets say 4 points with the normal tool selected i go to drag them to the appropiate place but then the anchor points don't move properly and the 'straight' lines just curve around the anchor points, its strange.

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    Grazie's bang on the money - as usual!

    You still have the Anchor Creation Tool (the pen nib) selected. After creating an anchor - dragging it or clicking it again converts the anchor to a curve creator. To move the anchor correctly, create your anchors with One Click (DONT DRAG, MAKE A CLEAN ONE CLICK), then change to the Normal edit tool (the arrow).

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    No I worked it out, it was because i had snapping enabled =]
    thanks anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaredc40 View Post
    No I worked it out, it was because i had snapping enabled =]
    thanks anyways.
    No, not correct. Snapping purely allows us to employ snapped "exact" positioning to the Grid. This does NOT affect the issue you originally stated.

    If you are still getting uncontrollable curve/tangent/straight line switching, while using the Normal Edit tool, then notify SONY directly.

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    Trust me, It was because snapping was enabled;
    Clicked off it: work perfect, then clicked on it: problem came back.
    So correct

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    If that is still the case then I still do not accept that what you are seeing is correct. What you are seeing is NOT what SHOULD be happening. A screen grab would assist - yes?

    OK, I have just tested, have just used Snapping ON and OFF, in conjunction with moving using the Normal Edit tool and this does not repro what you state.

    Normal edit Tool allows us to move Anchor Points and if Tangent initialization is in place, then you/I/we can then adjust the curves. The Anchor Creation tool allows us to Create Anchor points; setup the "curves" = tangents and manipulate the properties of the Anchor. What it will NOT do is allow us to move those same Anchor Points. To do THAT we need the Normal Edit tool. Switching "Snapping" ON or OFF does not allow us to manipulate the properties - here your curves/tangents - of the Anchor Points. If that WAS the case we would be in a real pickle!

    I would still be contacting SONY to confirm/deny your "issue". Are you on VP9 or VP9a?

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