Hello all. So, my first post here.
I'm editing with Sony Vegas for almost a year and a half, and I got Sony Vegas 9, downloaded the Media Manager and everything, but Sony Vegas 9 won't load my WMV and my AVI files.

Since Windows Media Player started to acting weird (it didn't play wmv too), I was searching for a solution. Some people gave links to a update, but they required SP2 for Vista. I downloaded SP1, because I wasn't sure if my version of vista (home premium) already had SP1, but when I tried to install it; it says that the language of my computer isn't supported, so I can't install the update (media player runtime or something it was called).

But my Media player now plays WMV, but doesn't support AVI, and Sony vegas doesn't support both. I have K-Lite codec pack full 5.0 (i don't know the exact name) installed, but still.. I'm getting a little tired of this, and I think it's a codec problem.. Hopefully you guys experienced the same, and have a solution, because this is driving me nuts..

Thanks! (: