First off, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am new to the forum, and thought this would be an excellent place to post. I know you have probably read, and answered tons of threads just like this. However, hopefully you can address my specific questions as well.

I am naive when it comes to cameras, however I can pick up things very quick. I dabble in all kinds of things. Basically I am looking for a camera that is versatile, but has the ability to shine. Filming would consist of more, or less, sports. I love to skateboard, and snowboard. I also would like to make silly movies. I have read up a little bit, and tend to like the VX1000, as I have seen many filmers using this around San Diego a while back. I love the crisp image it provides during the day, however I heard it has a hard time adjusting to the night shot. Which shouldn't be a problem, pop up a couple flood lights

What do you recommend? I am just looking at the vx1000 due to my budget, and the depreciating value due to the new HD cams :] Now seems like a perfect time to pounce on a deal. ANY help would be EXCELLENT. Also thank you for taking your time to read this