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Thread: Analog video capture stuttering

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    Default Analog video capture stuttering

    Hi all!
    First, my equipment:
    AMD AthlonXP 2600+
    A7N8X-E Deluxe s,A nForce2,Ultra,DDR400 DCh,6ch,LAN,SATA,1394,8x
    GV-R925128VH VIVO using as a capture card, complex video-in
    Samsung DDR 256 MB 400Mhz
    Seagate 160 GB 7200 rpm, ATA V, 8 MB cache

    Software for capturing:
    Ulead Video Studio 8

    Sony, analog

    I have been trying all possible bitrates, resolutions, MPEG and AVI and so on and always (more or less) I get on the preview "stuttering" picture from time to time, especially when the camera moves, even not so quickly. I only get a bit of improvement when setting the quality v/s speed slider to 0.1% compared to the 100% one...
    Any comment or advice will be highly appreciated!

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    I've never used Ulead so I am not speaking from experience here, but is the preview displaying the effects in realtime as opposed to rendering first. If that's the case it might be possible that your system is not able to keep up with the pace of the RT effects.

    What happens when you render your project/export it? Does the resulting video play smoothly?

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    When you say "preview", do you mean the capture preview, or the render preview? I notice you're using an analogue source...
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    When the signal comming from the camcorder is just "displayed" on the Ulead preview screen without actual capturing, the footage is as smooth as on the e.g. tv screen! It's the rendered/compressed/not-compressed e.g AVI uncompressed, preview that stutters. When played on other players MS Media Pl or whatever plays the avi, mpg2 etc., the result is the same - "stuttered" from time to time when the camera is stady, but the objects move relatively fast, and always when the camera moves!

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    An update...
    Tried capturing with other software - VirtualDub, VirtualVCR - still no luck. The CPU usage doesn't go over 60%...

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    Now that you have two hard drives to use you should capture all video, and set any programme temporary space, to the second hard drive. Before doing this you should defragment both hard drives.

    1. Open ULead Video Studio

    2. From the File menu select Preferences

    3. On the General tab set the Working folder: to a folder on your second hard disk

    4. Click the Preview tab

    5. Uncheck Box number 1

    6. Check box number 2 and set the folder to a folder on your second hard drive.

    7. Set the Hard Disk: drop down box to your second hard drive

    8. Uncheck (if necessary) the Limit hard disk usage to: check box.

    9. Click OK

    10. Continue your projects as normal and when you create any movies create them on your second hard disk.

    11. Enjoy

    Hope that helps. Please post back and let us know.

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    Thanx for the tips! Unfortunately, I was wrong about the second drive... Since I borrowed it I didn't know it was 5400 RPM ATA 66 one, and the results are even worse! I am going to get a 7200RPM one and hope that could solve the problem!
    Best regards,

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