This is a total stab in the dark but hopefully it will generate some interest.

I'm doing a music project at the moment which is very tongue and cheek. All the songs have a very humorous concept behind them.

The project consists of me (the music producer) and a rapper. We wear Balaclavas as part of the act.

Its on the same lines as Flight Of The Conchords, Tenacious D, Lonely Islands etc.

So I was thinking, maybe a tv series for us will work too.

We need a Screenplay writer, videographer and editor. We would like a very active role in writing the script too as we want to portray the humour in the right context.

They'll be songs in each episode (Maybe a teaser and 1 whole song).

Its a way of promoting your camera, writing, editing skills aswell as pushing our music project out.

We are 2 indian guys in the project so this may be advantageous too if it was to be aired anywhere. But to start off with, maybe a regular youtube show would be cool.

Anyone interested?

I know its asking for alot but if you think about it, after Goodness Gracious Me, what has been done. But bear in mind, this is not an 'indian thing'. Our music and act has hardly any indian influences apart from the debut singles.

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