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Thread: Adolf Hitler music video

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    Default Adolf Hitler music video

    This is my second edited video. Please be as critical as possible and let me know exactly where I have made my mistakes and why my video aint kick ass..... and pretty much how to make my next video kick ass.

    Oh and it would be nice to let me know what i have done right to, to make me feel more confident

    Thanks alot guys

    [ame=""]YouTube - Adolf Hitler's Nuremberg rally - Walk of Death[/ame]
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    I never thought I would comment on a video entitled 'Adolf Hitler Music Video' when I woke up this morning. But then again I said the same thing when I viewed the 'Stalin breakdance contest promo' the other week.

    Its pretty difficult to give any feedback on a stock footage video like this, I can say I liked the choice of music but didn't like the way you faded it at the end. It felt very sudden. The cuts didn't stand out as being particularly bad. Apart from that there really isn't much more I can add.

    A good way of getting helpful advice is viewing/commenting other peoples work on the forum. People may then repay the favour.
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    What are you trying to say?

    You've taken images from Leni Riefenstal (an ardent Nazi) and and uplifting music score to produce an advert for the SS. I don't think you're retarded, so I assume that you're not a neo-nazi either but I can't see anything about this fan video which is anti-nazi. It does really seem to be like a fan video to Adolf and his friends.

    Regardless of Leni's sick adoration of Hilter, it can't (unfortunately) be denied that she was an outstanding film-maker and "Triumph of the Will", her homage to the Nurenburg Rallies does have some wonderful images. In your edit some of them seem to have been "flipped", I can't see the point unless there's a message there which I missed.

    If you want to "kick ass" you're going to have to be original. Just taking someone's movie and someone else's music and cutting them together on the beat ain't gonna rock any boat unless you bring in something else... whcih you didn't.

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    Thanks for the replies guys.. I really do appreciate it... and sorry for the late reply.
    Its funny that you might even think I might be a Neo Nazi cause I am actually an ardent Gandhian.

    Anyway I made this video just because I like the music and love Second World War. That being said I was trying to create a good mix of music and visuals where just the editing by itself puts the video in a new light and creates something cool, where the viewer feels something. Ambitious I know... but that was the intention.

    I would really appreciate it if u guys could tell what I have done wrong in the video. Does it have no story.. Does the music not go well with the visuals.. does it get slow and wthout meaning, basically what is lacking.

    What I should have done...what I should have concentrated on. I am here to learn from guys like you. So please people teach me... what are the secrets of great EDITING.
    Please guys I wanna learn.


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    Content...What content??? Having something to say helps.
    It was certainly different but to be honest that's all.

    Give yourself a break, try something more managable next time.
    Good luck with your next venture.

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    I'm myself have some interest in certain historic figures. One of them is Hitler. So I liked the video except when Hitler is walking away from the altar or something it was pointless to to watch him walking away after watching him coming. And yes - too quick fade out at the end

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    Honestly, I only saw three things wrong. number one was the music. That seemed more like action music to me. It just didn't seem to fit. number 2 was at 1:10 . The close up of the swatztika didn't seem to fit in. and last was the ending. I would find a better ending than them just walking (maybe the closeup of the swatztika).

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