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Thread: Error and vegas closing down

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    Default Error and vegas closing down

    Hello, now this topic not everyone will be able to help in, you might need to be able to work sony vegas to help me, but there might be somthing wrong with my pc in general so please try to help.

    I open vegas and open my video that im currently editing. If i dont move my mouse/dont do anything its all ok, but a few seconds after i zoom in or start trying to edit this message appears.

    An error occurred during the current operation.
    An Exception has occurred.

    [then when i click on the more details box this comes up]

    Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
    Version 8.0a (Build 179)
    Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) WRITE:0x0 IP:0x2303B990
    In Module 'mcmpgvdec.dll' at Address 0x23000000 + 0x3B990
    Thread: VideoCache ID=0xEA4 Stack=0x38EE000-0x38F0000
    EAX=00000001 CS=001b EIP=2303b990 EFLGS=00010212
    EBX=00000000 SS=0023 ESP=038eeff4 EBP=038ef00c
    ECX=038eefd0 DS=0023 ESI=00000010 FS=003b
    EDX=7c90e514 ES=0023 EDI=00003468 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    2303B990: 89 3B EB 95 8D B6 00 00 .;......
    2303B998: 00 00 8D BF 00 00 00 00 ........
    Stack Dump:
    038EEFF4: 038EEF94 037F0000 + FEF94
    038EEFF8: 02C4C3D0 02B60000 + EC3D0
    038EEFFC: 038EF05C 037F0000 + FF05C
    038EF000: 003FFC00
    038EF004: 003FFC00
    038EF008: 00002D00
    038EF00C: 038EF09C 037F0000 + FF09C
    038EF010: 2302E829 23000000 + 2E829 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    038EF014: 003FFC00
    038EF018: 00000010
    038EF01C: 02C4C3D0 02B60000 + EC3D0
    038EF020: 02C4C3B0 02B60000 + EC3B0
    038EF024: 000001E0
    038EF028: 000002D0
    038EF02C: 00000008
    038EF030: 02C4C3B0 02B60000 + EC3B0
    > 038EF070: 2303118E 23000000 + 3118E (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF074: 231C2B10 23000000 + 1C2B10 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF078: 231C728E 23000000 + 1C728E (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF080: 2302EA7A 23000000 + 2EA7A (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF0A0: 2302D765 23000000 + 2D765 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF0B0: 23028344 23000000 + 28344 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF0D0: 231D5018 23000000 + 1D5018 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF100: 7C839AD8 7C800000 + 39AD8 (kernel32.dll)
    > 038EF104: 7C809C48 7C800000 + 9C48 (kernel32.dll)
    > 038EF108: 231C2B10 23000000 + 1C2B10 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF10C: 231C725C 23000000 + 1C725C (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF114: 2302D0F0 23000000 + 2D0F0 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF120: 2303B63E 23000000 + 3B63E (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF150: 230297BA 23000000 + 297BA (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF170: 23027CCE 23000000 + 27CCE (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF1A0: 23026179 23000000 + 26179 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 038EF1C0: 23216DFD 23200000 + 16DFD (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 038EF200: 23218527 23200000 + 18527 (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 038EF230: 2323A5C2 23200000 + 3A5C2 (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 038EF2F8: 7C9118C0 7C900000 + 118C0 (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF31C: 7C936F38 7C900000 + 36F38 (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF370: 7C918F21 7C900000 + 18F21 (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF37C: 7C9101DB 7C900000 + 101DB (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF388: 7C8850E0 7C800000 + 850E0 (kernel32.dll)
    > 038EF3A0: 7C90E920 7C900000 + E920 (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF3A4: 7C936F40 7C900000 + 36F40 (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF3AC: 7C936F38 7C900000 + 36F38 (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF3B0: 7C9101DB 7C900000 + 101DB (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF3BC: 7C80AC61 7C800000 + AC61 (kernel32.dll)
    > 038EF3D4: 7C90E920 7C900000 + E920 (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF3D8: 7C936F40 7C900000 + 36F40 (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF3E0: 7C936F38 7C900000 + 36F38 (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF3E4: 7C9101DB 7C900000 + 101DB (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF3F0: 7C80AC61 7C800000 + AC61 (kernel32.dll)
    > 038EF3FC: 7C90E920 7C900000 + E920 (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF400: 7C936F40 7C900000 + 36F40 (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF408: 7C936F38 7C900000 + 36F38 (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF40C: 7C9101DB 7C900000 + 101DB (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF418: 7C80AC61 7C800000 + AC61 (kernel32.dll)
    > 038EF428: 7C91005D 7C900000 + 1005D (ntdll.dll)
    > 038EF42C: 006CB0FF 00400000 + 2CB0FF (vegas80.exe)
    038EF430: 0551D8F4 05420000 + FD8F4
    > 038EF434: 009E70FC 00400000 + 5E70FC (vegas80.exe)
    > 038EF438: 006CB0A6 00400000 + 2CB0A6 (vegas80.exe)
    038EF43C: 0551D8F0 05420000 + FD8F0
    038EF440: 5EF5DD38 5E060000 + EFDD38
    > 038EF444: 006C6E67 00400000 + 2C6E67 (vegas80.exe)
    038EF448: 0551D8F0 05420000 + FD8F0
    > 038EF44C: 009E70FC 00400000 + 5E70FC (vegas80.exe)
    038EF450: 5EF69D4C 5E060000 + F09D4C
    038EF454: 00000000
    038EF458: 00000000
    038EF45C: FFFFFFFF
    > 038EF464: 006CBA34 00400000 + 2CBA34 (vegas80.exe)
    - - -
    038EFFF0: 00000000
    038EFFF4: 00598AE0 00400000 + 198AE0 (vegas80.exe)
    038EFFF8: 00ADA7FC 00400000 + 6DA7FC (vegas80.exe)
    038EFFFC: 00000000

    Then when i click ok on this error vegas closes and i need to start again, its a endless cycle.
    Now this doesnt mean anything to me at all, but mabye sombody can work it out.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    What you are looking at is an error log. OFTEN these are the result of an issue over memory. That doesn;t mean you need MORE memory nor does it mean you may have some BAD memory - all it means is that as a result of "something" your memory is failing to deal with this issue. When this happens with a "stable" pc and Vegas installation the first thing to look for are very large graphics files being used in the project. This can have a big drain on memory. Be that as it may, what i DO notice is that you are presently on Vegas Pro8a. You may benefit from updating to VegasPro8c. If you are a fully registered user of Vegas then this update is a free option and many many issues often are eradicated by an update. These updates can include oodles of fixes. The latest fix for VP9 to VP9a has the longest list of fixes I've known. And I've been using Vegas back to Vegas Video 3!

    OK, here is a link to the long list f fixes in and for VP8c. If you think you can spot what you may be doing amongst these list that could be rectified then you are almost there. In any event updating to the latest "letter" update of a Version of Vegas is what I always do - and I haven't been kicked in the rear-end yet.

    Sony Creative Software Inc. - Vegas Release Notes

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