Hi, i'm reletively new to premiere, currently using v1.5 and winxp.

The question i have about audio clipping is:

Is there a way to "scan" or "auto detect" clipping in a project?
I sit there and shuttle through all the footage but that's very tedious. Surely there is a quick way to find where, if not, IF there is any clipping in some footage. I have 3 hours of footage in one project so this takes a while, AND, if you add a soundtrack or more audio, that can add more clipping as well.

The question i have about the transitions is:

After entering some transitions and exporting the footage, whenever i play the footage (Gom or winamp) and it gets to a transition, the whole full screen drops slightly but very noticeably in size then resizes to full screen after the transition has passed. Anyone know what would be doing this? I need to get these DVD's made and sold but this is holding me back.

Any comments appreciated.

Thank You