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Thread: Expose : The Fashion Industry : the shameful truth

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    Talking Expose : The Fashion Industry : the shameful truth (need new opinions)

    I hope people don't mind me bumping this after such a long time. I am planning on re-filming this video in order to get it down to 3 minutes (to possibly send to telly channels or something).

    I would never be able to edit the existing footage down to 3mins so do need to film it again. So I'm going to be more to the point and less waffly with the dialogue. Any opinions on what sections works best? The weaker parts that I should lose?

    I want to tell the same story, same premise and same punchline.

    Hit me.

    Original post:
    So here is my latest video. I'm really pleased with this one, one of those spontaneous ideas that just worked. Completely inspired by the amazing environment we found ourselves in.

    100% ad-libbed.

    Enjoy. Any feedback welcome.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Expose : Fashion Industry : The shameful truth[/ame]
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    You really are getting very good at these pieces to camera. For some strange reason I found myself watching "Free Dead People" again the other day and, whilst I didn't find the concept particularly funny or original, I was reminded how very good not only was your delivery, but the direction and script as well.

    And so I find the same here. I kept thinking this is GOOD but it really needs something to take it to the next level. Watching, I found it too long and thought what it needed was some interview with ex-inmates, both grown up children and maybe some really really old people (who were just old back then) and maybe some old photos. Obviously this would have required a much more planned production. And even more obviously the punchline wouldn't have worked! (Although possibly .... people being interviewed, misunderstanding etc etc)

    But given that wasn't a possibility, I think the whole thing was too long to carry what was basically one person reciting variations on one joke + punchline at the end (which, I thought you carried off brilliantly).

    So, Matt. Where to go from here?

    Maybe nowhere. If you're happy just making the odd film for the amusement of the rest of us, without all the pressures involved in producing to a timetable, then so much the better. I'd just consider involving other actors, writers and even directors. You'll manage to hone your craft far more quickly that way.

    If you're looking to do any of this professionally, then my guess is you need to concentrate on one of those areas and let go of the other stuff. The thing is, I understand how hard this can be - you have an idea, that idea develops into a script and whilst thinking of the script you're thinking of the direction and, of course, you're imagining how it would be delivered and you're the best person you know to carry that delivery...

    Sod it. Continue making amateur films for our amusement. You Tube desparately needs films like this to raise the bar.

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    Hi Tim,
    It seems you are fast becoming my biggest fan / critic! I always appeciate your comments, you always pick up on the niggles that I myself have with my own videos. But likewise I can see you 'get' my type of humour and can enjoy them for what they are.

    This video is no exception really to my usual process of working. On the spur of the moment I went to visit this abandoned place (which I remember going to 12+ years ago so had a fair idea of what I was going to find there) and my mind started coming up with video ideas, 'what story can I tell about this place?' sort of thing.

    I know that I should really script things more (and for certain videos I do and it's essential), but again for this one, I really like the results of just being spontaneous! I feel most of the time it's the only option I've got as I don't have loads of people to call on to help act / produce / direct.

    I had a lot of trouble cutting this one down as it is to 7mins 25, but appreciate it's still a little on the lengthy side. But do feel that it's able to hold interest for it's running time. The original (critical) rough cut was 12 minutes. I had shot at least 3 or 4 more pieces to camera which didn't even make it into that. I could have probably pushed 20mins if all I had shot was included!

    You're very right about the idea of including third parties, we had filmed a number of pieces to camera where we referenced other people 'some guy who is 24/25 years old now told us about this...'. 'I went to school with one guy who told me about this place'.... But in edit saw that it would totally spoil the punchline of this all being in our heads if they were included. Although I love the idea of interviewing a really old person telling me about the wildlife park and misunderstanding it to mean something else.

    The punchline itself was also totally ad-libbed, I was half way through that final piece to camera and it just came out (although the take in the final was actually the second take).

    It's funny, I often question where I feel at home, infront of or behind the camera.....I haven't yet decided as I truly love the both. I would love to work on youtube as part of a group, being able to plan, prepare and develop ideas beyond the realm of what is possible with just myself as a lone person. I don't know, but that would be a different YT channel as it wouldn't be 'me'.

    Thanks again for the comments, always gives me something to think about. Glad you enjoyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clay_9 View Post
    Hi Tim,
    It seems you are fast becoming my biggest fan / critic!
    I believe they call it "grooming"

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    Can't open
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    You're not the first person to say that actually, however I'm having no problems along with 95% of everyone odd.

    Have you tried again?
    Alternatively you can now watch it here:
    [ame=]Expose : Fashion Industry : The shameful truth on Vimeo[/ame]

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    Hi Clay,

    I do like your tone of delivery. It has an element of sarcasm that really works. Having said that I must admit that I enjoyed your earlier efforts a bit more. I think it's because I felt a tad disappointed at the punchline. Sorry. Enjoyed it though.

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    The punchline wasn't planned, it just kind of came out during that last piece to camera.....

    I've just got no choice have I, I'm just going to have to script everything from now on.....well, some things.....a bit...maybe.

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    Default Funnyish

    I watched the video, and obviously it's aimed to amuse. I wanted to say that I loved the background music during the first segment. It really enhanced the mood.

    Nice job finding a random location and making it a good clip.

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