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    Not sure where else to post this (Miscellaneous equipment section anyone?) so here goes:

    I am looking to buy some kind of stabilisation for my Sony HVR HD1000e and have been drawn to the Glidecam 4000 together with perhaps the Glidecam arm brace or body pod.

    Flicking through the net, it seems that the body pod is a bit of a waste of time and money but I'm still not sure about either the glidecam or the arm brace combined or separate.

    Does anyone have any stabilisation advice and what would be (with a budget of about 500) the best way to go to get the best stabilisation?



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    Once you've got the Glidecam 4000 balanced (and that takes some time and patience, believe me!) it's a fantastic tool....

    I can't vouch for the arm brace etc as I bought the vest and x10 arm... but it can get heavy after a short while.

    Just looked at the weight of your camera - 2.7kg - it'll be borderline whether you can pick it up at all, so start saving for the vest!

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    I agree with Andy completely. The arm and vest are worth while investments epsecially if you have to do long, uninterupted takes. Used it for about 30mins recently and boy did I feel it afterwards!
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    So with my current camera weighing in at 2.7kg do you think it is worthwhile getting a Glidecam 4000 at all? (Bearing in mind I may have a large battery and lights on top sometimes). I don't want to be left with a bit of kit I can hardly pick up at all? I will be doing my best to save for the vest eventually but this may take some time and I'm guessing the arm brace is better than the cheaper vest you can get because this still allows body movment to creep in?

    The other concerns I had were that a) How easy is it to use the glidecam 4000 outside when there's a bit of a wind - does it render the stabilisation unusable? and b) How about low angle shots? Does the Glidecam alow you to get down low, when shooting children for instance?


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