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Thread: the golden capo - the kimwipes [shortfilm]

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    Default the golden capo - the kimwipes [shortfilm]

    whipped this one up the other day.

    [ame=]YouTube - the kimwipes - the golden capo[/ame]
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    Shows promise.

    There is a good mix of shots which holds the interest and you've worked hard to ensure they cut together well.

    However, watch out for using shots just because you've filmed them.
    Despite the multitude of shots the first half really drags. I think you need to cot it even tighter and maybe loose a few shots.

    The half with the song, by contrast, is on the money as far as editing goes. I wonder whether this is because the pace is enforced by having to keep everything in sync with the music.

    Next time I'd consider recording the music in a controlled environment and playing it back with a ghetto blaster or something whilst lip-syncing. Use the controlled recrding with maybe a bit of dubbed background or "nat sound" for atmosphere. It was really hard to hear what they were singing.

    In the opening scene the talent is clearly aware of the camera (and there's a shot later where the other one actually glances at the camera). Surely you don't really walk like that?

    The acting became more natural as the film progressed. And was fine during the singing, presumably because the singers were concentrating on something other than just the camera.

    Good effort.

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    Thanks for the comments,

    I agree with them all actually! The reason for it being dragged out in the beignning and the odd acting is just because we wanted to make it corny, cheasy and wiered. They are awkward people, but i suppose i may play with it still. and yes, it was hard to hear some singing.

    Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it, this was just a fun project we put together.

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    I totally agree with Tim. The acting in the first half of the vis looked kinda...static and unnatural. The second half was way better. And yes, the song could have been recorded separately.

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