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Thread: Adobe Premiere footage dimensions problems

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    Hi, I'm quite new to adobe premiere. When I import a captured footage and put it into a sequence the project monitor shows the footage scaled down (which appearantly is). Is there any way to to make my footage foolscreen or wide sreen without adjusting its sacale manually in motion effects. If I set video to 4:3 or widsecreen 16:9 while exporting it just makes black frame with such dimensions while my footage is still just a small square in the middle of the screen....

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    This sounds like your timeline/sequence has been set up incorrectly. An early problem i encountered was understanding the difference between setting up a Sequence at the right scale for the footage im using
    AND ;
    setting up your export settings to co-respond with my desired output ( i.e. output to dvd or youtube or etc...).

    In short; This could be a problem with the way you have set your original sequence/timeline.
    I posted a quick rundown on how to get this right in this post:

    Have a look i see what you think.
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    Default Thank you

    I have also met this problem. I have tried a lot of ways to correct it, but they never worked. From your post, I know the real reason. Thank you very much.

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    I'm sorry but I have some problems understanding the sequence set up. When I go File---New---Sequence there are no dimension, framerate etc. settings. If I go Project----Settings I cannot change almost any settings. The only time I can change settings within the project is while Exporting movie. But I want to make a dvd so I export as mpeg2-dvd, but there (adobe media encoder) I cannot change neither pixel dimensions nor framerate. Then I thought off creating a new project with such settings on that tiny video in the top left corner. But then when I export as mpeg2-dvd the video is too big (I mean zoomed in too much). Do I need to scale it down in motion effects? Anyways I hope you understand my problem. I just want my video pixel dimensions to perfect the screen size (weather widscreen or full screen...) :(

    To ilustrate the problem, here is the vid.
    [ame=""]YouTube - How to launch YouTube[/ame]
    Its mpeg4 and as you can see there is a little black frame and video is smaller that a screen. If I export this vid as a mpeg2-dvd (.m2v) the video is even smaller and the frame accordingly is larger :(
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    In a Premiere Pro project ; ctrl+n should bring up a new sequence window:

    Select the general tab at the top. Now select the editing mode as Desktop.
    You should now be free to change your settings as desired.
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