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Thread: i7 build---how to set up new WD caviar blacks?

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    Default i7 build---how to set up new WD caviar blacks?

    so here is my future build (future as in meaning that the last part-i7 920 needs to get here and im done)
    i7 920--will oc to 3.4GHZ
    Scythe Mugen 2
    12GB DDR3 1333 OCZ
    Gigabyte UD4P
    Radeon 4850

    and i have 3 WD HDDs and i have this dilema
    i have
    1 WD6400AAKS Caviar Blue 640GB
    2x WD Caviar Black 1TB

    im wondering how i should set them up for the best performance in after effects/premiere and some 3d software?
    raid0? all my media are on physical devices so im really okay with not having redundancy
    would using them separately and setting up each as one for OS/Page another for media/storage and another for scratch disk and output be good?
    thank you very much!

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    Probably be a good idea to use the 640 for your OS and applications.

    Set up the 2 1T's in RAID-0 for you reads and writes.

    I have seen recommendations for that setup being good in the computer section here.

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    there are a few ways of setting this up.

    if you raid the two 1tb drives together you can then have multiple streams of HD. you wouldn't notice any speed benefits in opening programs and booting windows. for that you will need to raid the OS drive in which case get a few inexpensive (for example 3) drives and use that. 3x80=240gb for OS and programs.

    I have not experience with scratch disks, i have never used them or needed them but some may beg to differ.

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    I just set my computer up using what Adobe recommends.

    They suggest a single disk or RAID-0 array as the scratch disk...Not a partition on the OS drive.

    They also recommend using another seperate disk for the cache disk (virtual memory)

    I loaded CS4 using a single 250gig Segate 410 for the OS and apps...Used the other 250 Segate 410 as the scratch disk and installed a older 80gig Hitachi SATA I for the virtual memory.

    Made all the recommended settings from Adobe and the guy I loaned tells me it is running great.

    I am having him time rendering jobs he is running.

    Monday I am going to pick up a 640gig WD Black and a ATI 4870 series video card.

    Get him to time the jobs running the XFX Radeon HD 4350 versus what ever flavor 4870 I buy.

    After that I will install the 640 WD Black as the OS/App's drive. Take the 2 250gig Segate 410's and make a RAID-0 array for the scratch disk then install a single WD 80gig SATA II hard drive for the virtual memory and see what happens.

    I cannot seem to find the link to Adobe that I used...I will search around for it and post back with the link later.
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    Here is the link from Adobe on how to optimize performance for Photoshop CS4.

    Optimize performance of Photoshop CS4 on Windows XP and Vista

    They guy I loaned the box to is running After Affects and Photoshop at the same time...He said something about running multiple layers and some "animation" thingy.

    Building computers is my thing...Not running CS4

    Hope this might give you some insight as to what Adobe recommends.

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